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Every chemical reaction has its beauty. Let us try lớn examine the reaction of hydrochloric acid and methyl amine.

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CH3NH2 is a weak base that can undergo a reaction with hydrochloric acid. Its melting point is -6.3 °C and its boiling point is trăng tròn.3 °F. This methyl amine is a gas soluble in water and available as a methyl amine solution. HCl because of its strong dissociation acts as a strong acid and is concentration-dependent.

Let us dive into some of the facts of this reaction, lượt thích its enthalpy, type of reaction, and intermolecular forces.

What is the product of HCl + CH3NH2?

Methylamine reacts with hydrogen chloride forming a white crystalline methylammonium chloride salt.


What type of reaction is HCl + CH3NH2

The reaction of methylamine with hydrogen chloride is an acid-base neutralization reaction. Here both acid and base react together lớn khuông a new ionic compound.

How lớn balance HCl + CH3NH2

In the reaction of HCl + CH3NH2, equal moles of HCl + CH3NH2 reacted lớn khuông an ionic compound. There is no need lớn balance this equation; we can write this reaction as it is.


HCl + CH3NH2 titration

Apparatus used

Conical flask, burette, pipette, burette stand, wash bottle beakers, volumetric flasks.


The indicator used in this titration is phenolphthalein which looks pink in the basic medium and colorless in the acidic medium.


CH3NH2 is taken into a conical flask, filling the burette with standard HCl. Start titrating by dropwise addition of HCl; near the equivalent, point adds indicator and again titrate CH3NH2 against HCl.The color of the solution disappears at equivalent point. Repeat the process until the two same readings are obtained.

HCl + CH3NH2 net ionic equation

Step 1: writing the balanced chemical equation of the reaction

The balanced chemical equation of HCl + CH3NH2 is


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Step 2: Split the strong electrolytes into ions

In this reaction, HCl and CH3​NH3+​Cl are strong electrolytes. By splitting the strong electrolytes the reaction will be


Step3:Cancelling the spectator ions on both sides

cancel out the spectator ions on both sides gives the resultant net ionic equation for the reaction of HCl + CH3NH2.

Therefore the net Net ionic equation is: CH3NH2 + H+= CH3NH3+

Net ionic equation

HCl + CH3NH2 conjugate pairs

  • In the reaction of HCl + CH3NH2 the conjugate acid-base pairs are HCl and Cl, and CH3NH3+ and CH3NH2 are other conjugate acid-base pairs.
  • Conjugate pairs, also known as conjugate acid-base pairs, are The reactions in which an acid is capable of donating a proton, and a base is capable of accepting a proton collectively known as conjugate acid-base pair.
Conjugate pairs

HCl + CH3NH2 intermolecular forces

  • In HCl, dipole-dipole interactions and London forces are present between the molecule.
  • But dipole-dipole interactions are very stronger than vãn London forces in HCl.
  • In CH3NH2 strong hydrogen bonding is present as the hydrogen is attached lớn a more electronegative atom(N).

HCl + CH3NH2 reaction enthalpy

  • The enthalpy of HCl + CH3NH2 reaction is negative because the enthalpy of neutralization reactions is always negative, and the heat is evolved when acid is reacted with a base.
  • The reactions involving strong acid and base enthalpy values are nearly between -57 and -58 kJ mol-1. Thermodynamically it was proved that δH = H(products)-H(reactants)< 0.

Is HCl + CH3NH2 a buffer solution

  • The reaction of HCl + CH3NH2 can khuông a buffer.
  • Both CH3​NH3+​Cl and CH3NH2 can khuông a buffer solution.
  • In the methylamine with hydrogen chloride reaction, methyl ammonium chloride is formed, which is made of a weak base.
  • Methyl amine is similar lớn ammonia, having one of its hydrogen atoms substituted with a methyl group, so sánh we can assume it is a weak base.
Buffer Solution

Is HCl + CH3NH2 a complete reaction

The reaction of HCl + CH3NH2 is complete since the product methyl ammonium chloride is formed during this reaction. Therefore it may not react with other substances lớn khuông any product.

Is HCl + CH3NH2 an exothermic reaction

The reaction of HCl + CH3NH2 is exothermic. Since this reaction is a neutralization reaction, heat is released as energy during the reaction. Entire reaction is driven through this energy.

Is HCl + CH3NH2 a redox reaction

The reaction of HCl + CH3NH2 is not a redox reaction. Because there is no transfer of electrons takes place in this reaction.

Is HCl + CH3NH2 a precipitation reaction

The reaction between HCl + CH3NH2 is not precipitation because no insoluble product is formed in this reaction.

Is HCl + CH3NH2 reversible or irreversible reaction

The reaction of HCl + CH3NH2 is reversible, which means both forward and backward reactions are possible in this reaction. So that reactants can khuông products, and products also tend lớn get back into reactants.

Reversible Reaction

Is HCl + CH3NH2 displacement reaction

The reaction of HCl + CH3NH2 is not a displacement reaction because both reactants combined lớn khuông a salt, so sánh it comes under the category of a combination reaction.


CH3​NH3+​Cl is used in the manufacturing of perovskite solar cells. CH3NH2 acts as a good nucleophile and can be used lớn prepare surfactants, insecticides, pharmaceuticals, and in the preparation rubber.

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