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Powerful adblocker

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Easily tải về Clip or tuy vậy that you like

Download Clip, audio files to tát your device completely không lấy phí and no need for extra applications. Download 8X faster phàn nàn other browsers.

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Ultra-fast trang web browsing speed

Get instant entertainment with Cốc Cốc! Test results show that Cốc Cốc loads trang web pages 2X faster phàn nàn other browsers, on the same device and with the same trang web.

Explore the features of Cốc Cốc browser

Understand more about Cốc Cốc, get more things done.

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Coc Coc News feed

Cốc Cốc News feed

Read news suggested by AI

Sidebar messengers

Sidebar messengers

Chat with friends on sidebar window

Discard tabs

Discard tabs

Freeze inactive tabs, không lấy phí up memory

Fast download

Fast download

Download Clip, audio 8X faster



Look up English, Chinese - Vietnamese dictionary while surfing web

Unit converter

Unit converter

Convert foreign currencies, units of measurement while surfing web

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Coc Coc Points

Cốc Cốc Points

Earn points - exchange gifts every day with Cốc Cốc

What the press say about Cốc Cốc

Thanh Niên

Cốc Cốc - a "Make in Việt Nam" trang web browser - is a prominent name and one of the pioneering technology companies that dare to tát compete with the world's tech giants.

Mobile Review

Jan 21, 2021

With interesting and useful features lượt thích adblock, fast tải về,... Cốc Cốc Mobile is considered as an ideal browser that meets the needs of the Vietnamese market.


Currently, the blacklist of unsafe websites of Cốc Cốc has named tens of thousands of websites, much deserved to tát be the greatest "shield" at the moment to tát fully protect mạng internet users.

ICT News

With the advantage in understanding local demand and local language, Cốc Cốc Search always knows how to tát quickly, timely develop features that other browsers can hardly tự.


After nearly 8 years of development decorated with great achievements, the story of Cốc Cốc has become an inspiration for many Vietnamese technology startups.

Tạp chí Công Thương

Tạp chí Công Thương

Oct 24, 2021

The products that Cốc Cốc has built and developed have all been optimized, enabling them to tát work better and more efficiently phàn nàn other similar products on websites that are frequently visited by Vietnamese.

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